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Luncheon Entrée


Luncheon Entrée Selections
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Ten person minimum please. The Board Room selections are served at room temperature and include either still or sparkling water. These may be ordered as a buffet or individual meals. All necessary disposable equipment included. Delivery fee depends on location.

Luncheon Entrées

Marinated Grilled Chicken, with Fruit Salsa

- Assorted Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
- Mediterranean Orzo Salad, with Feta Cheese, Olives & Fresh Basil

- Olive Rolls & Sweet Butter

@ $18.95

Caramelized Fig & Onion-Stuffed Chicken Breast

- Roasted Red Bliss Potato Salad
- Mixed Greens, with Roasted Red Peppers, Spicy Pecans, Stilton

  Cheese & Poached Pears

- Crusty French Bread & Sweet Butter.

@ $19.95

Grilled Herb-Crusted Salmon

- Wild Rice Salad, with Dried Fruits & Nuts
- Asian Carrot Slaw with Water Chestnuts, Sugar Snap Peas & Rice

  Wine Vinegar

- Crusty French Bread & Sweet Butter.

@ $21.95
Jamaican Grilled Shrimp Skewer, with Mango Salsa - Black Bean Salad, with Jicama, Tri-Color Peppers, Corn & Fresh
- Coconut Sticky Rice
- Corn Bread & Sweet Butter
@ $23.95
Balsamic-Glazed Tenderloin of Beef, with Onion Jam - Sweet Potato Salad, with Red Onion, Cilantro & Red Pepper
- Grilled Asparagus
- Herb Foccacia

@ $26.95

Entrée Big Bowl Salads

All Salads Served with a Roll and Butter

All Salads Drizzled with Champagne Shallot Vinaigrette

These may be Ordered as a Buffet or Individual Meal

Mixed Greens with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Tomatoes and Grilled Corn
@ $9.95
Nicoise Salad with Mixed Greens, Italian Dark Tuna, Black Olives, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Roasted Asparagus and New Potatoes
@ $11.95
Mixed Greens with Chilled Soba Noodle, Grilled Shrimp, and Julienne Asian Vegetables
@ $10.95
Mixed Greens with Chicken, Avocado, Crumbled Bacon, Maytag Blue Cheese and Hard-Boiled Eggs
@ $9.95
Mixed Greens with Romaine Hearts, Black Pepper Parmesan Chips, Grilled Shrimp, Tomatoes and Croutons
@ $10.95
Mixed Greens with Grape Tomatoes, Red Onions, Buffalo Mozzarella and Fresh Basil
@ $9.95

Upscale Wraps


Tuna Nicoise Wrap
Lettuce, Hard Boiled Eggs, Olives, Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans, Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

@ $11.95
Shrimp Wrap
Cucumber, Boston Lettuce and Dill Cream Cheese

@ $12.50
Real Seafood Wrap
Lobster, Poached Shrimp and Fresh Crabmeat

@ $16.50

A La Carte Selections
(pricing per person)

Assorted Coca Cola Canned Sodas @ $1.75
Poland Springs Water (Still or Sparkling) @ $2.35
Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, and Tea @ $2.00
Fresh Fruit Platter @ $4.95
Caesar Salad @ $3.50
Garden Salad @ $3.50
Pasta Salad @ $3.50
Cole Slaw @ $3.50
Potato Salad @ $3.50
Marinated Vegetable Salad @ $3.50
Potato Chips @ $1.00

Angel Food Cake with Assorted Fresh Berries
@ $4.00
Chocolate Cupcake (Adult Size), with Kahlua Buttercream
@ $2.75
Apple & Cranberry Crumb Tart
@ $2.75
Double Chocolate Brownies
@ $1.95
Walnut Brownies
@ $1.95
Lemon Bars
@ $1.75
Assorted Homemade Cookies
@ $1.75
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